KZG - Fers Forged V

  • Great For Mid-High Handicap
  • Made 6 Grams Lighter
  • Tripled Forged, Looks & Feels Outstanding

The Forged V is exceptional. Its triple forging method eliminates all voids within the club head which creates outstanding feel. The Forged V is CNC milled so every head in every set meets our exacting specifications.

There is nothing less than perfection with this iron. The classic shape is loved by all traditionalist while the excellent perimeter weighting makes our Forged V the most forgiving of all of our forged models. The brushed satin finish not only looks good but reduces glare on those into the sun shots.

The Forged V has consistency and workability. We also made it 6 grams lighter than normal due to high demand of a lighter head. These irons will be your go-to model for many of your mid to high handicap golfers.

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26D Rue des Garennes
57155 MARLY - France
Tél: +33 3 87 16 68 82
Email : Cliquer ici


9h00 à 12h00 – 14h00 à 19h00

40 min de Nancy -> A31 sortie 29 (Metz Est) puis Sortie Marly/Cuvry
60 min de Luxembourg/1h15 d'Arlon (Belgique) -> A31 sortie Metz Est/Strasbourg Suivre Technopole puis Sortie Verny/Marly