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The H370 Hybrids have proven to be KZG’s most popular line of hybrids. The H370 is a great golf club for mid to high handicap players who not only want the extra forgiveness of a hybrid, but also have trouble launching the ball into the air and getting the ball to stop on the green. These hybrids feature a slight offset and the CG is positioned low and deep in the head to aid the golfer with the height of the shot when comparing it with an iron of the same loft.

The H370 are so popular that KZG has continued to add to the line of lofts, at the request of its network of Authorized Dealers, the World’s Top ClubFitters and avid golfers worldwide. Today, many golfers totally abandon their irons and opt for a bag full of hybrids. Easy play; More enjoyable game.

The beauty of the H370 Hybrids is the combination of the best characteristics of both the wood and the iron.  Virtually everyone who has tested the H370 has achieved an average of 10 yards greater distance as compared to the same loft in an iron. The mid profile design of the H370 allows for workability with great shots off any lie.  The maraging steel face insert features roll and bulge for outstanding rebound and a gear effect for forgiveness.   Because this hybrid is shafted to the shorter iron shaft, the golfer has far more control and is assured precision shots.

The H370 Hybrids offer outstanding performance, along with a great solid feel.

Available in:  RH 18°, 22°, 26°, 30°, 34°, 38°, 42°      LH 22°, 26°, 30°

Lower handicap players may also want to test the H370 Tour Hybrid with a more shallow face for even greater workability coupled with a very low, boring trajectory.  Any golfer with a fade or draw bias may also want to test either the GF-H or HSS Plus as these models can be adjusted to compensate for swing flaws and any special fitting needs.

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