KZG - VC-460


The VC-460 offers just about everything a golfer is looking for: outstanding distance, solid sound and feel, plus forgiveness.

The VC-460 is based on our very popular VC-420 model, which was designed for the competitive player and offers the lowest spin rate we have ever tested in a driver. By popular demand, we now offer the VC-460, which is much more forgiving and will appeal to a wider range of golfers.

As with all KZG drivers, there is no adjustable hosel. Our worldwide network of elite fitters, coupled with professional teachers are unanimous: If you want your swing in a groove, clubs should be properly fit to each golfer and the specifications maintained, not changed.

The VC-460 is a very sophisticated clubhead that is more costly to manufacture, as the body is one-piece vacuum cast titanium for superior durability. The sound, feel and performance are solid. The entire head has been designed to produce a very low spin rate, which produces a lower trajectory, resulting in great carry distance and greater roll.

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